Keeping it in ‘the family’ …

Can’t help but throw some common sense into the debate about who should take over the Colorado football program if indeed Dan Hawkins doesn’t survive the season (which appears to be a likely occurrence).

Evidently, there’s a school of thought that the next coach has to be someone from the “Colorado family,” someone with strong ties to the school and program.

How should I spell this out?

B. S.

The next coach should be the best coach available. His Colorado ties — or lack thereof — shouldn’t matter a whit.

Best coach in Colorado history? Most would say Bill McCartney, and for good reason.

McCartney’s ties to Colorado before he arrived here in the summer of 1982? Absolutely zero — unless you count the time he played here one season as a member of Missouri’s team.

Second-best coach in CU history? Eddie Crowder. Crowder’s ties to Colorado before his arrival? Zip — unless you count the times he visited here with Oklahoma and helped the Sooners drill the Buffs.

Keeping it “in the family” is a ridiculous limitation. It would eliminate some very good candidates.

The only prerequisite for Colorado’s next coach is that he should be the best available.

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