CU old news already …

At 11 a.m. Friday, Colorado and Pac-10 officials held their first official get-together at Folsom Field. It was a celebratory atmosphere, in which all the right things were said.

At 12:01 p.m., the Buffs in the Pac-10 became old news. When Pac-10 officials heard that Nebraska had voted to seek membership in the Big Ten, followed quickly by news that Texas regents would meet next week to decide the direction the Longhorns would take, the CU celebration was over. Pac-10 officials were on their phones and back to work.

The process of expansion is certainly not finished for CU’s new league.  The situation, which has changed almost hourly over the last week, will continue to change dramatically over the next week. The Big 12 is apparently on its last legs — and CU’s move to the Pac-10 might come even sooner than 2012.

But the overriding good news for CU fans is that the Buffs have their new home. Their future is secure — which is more than many other schools can say today.

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