Leach wants to get back to coaching

Mike Leach, the coach fired by Texas Tech after he dared attempt to discipline the son of ESPN talking head Craig James (and former player for one of the dirtiest programs in college football history),  wants to get back to coaching.

Leach is currently hanging out in Key West, Fla., waiting for his court case against TTU to be resolved.

When that’s finished, he aims to be back on the sidelines.

The next school that needs a coach would be wise to hire him. Leach is a good coach and his players go to class and generally do the right thing. He’s not a “football is the end-all” guy, and he stresses other things besides the game.

The game needs more guys like him. Sometimes he’s brutally honest — maybe a little too honest (who can forget his “fat little girlfriends” quote) — but he’ll be a great hire for whoever takes the chance.

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6 Responses to Leach wants to get back to coaching

  1. Kilkenny says:

    Neill, your love affair with Leach continues. A great quote machine, to be sure, and he'd make a solid head coach at CU come December 2010. Then again, our original solid choice is running the triple option at Georgia Tech (Paul Johnson) so that isn't really headline news. You would love to see Leach in Boulder, so would I…

  2. oryoki says:

    I thought your earlier post of having Leach as an assistant here was a good idea.

  3. Buffalo420 says:

    Come to CU Mike!!! PUH-LEASE!

  4. BigBuffalo says:

    Leach would be a GREAT hire for CU. I was actually against hiring him as an assistant because I figured he'd save Hawkins' job. FIRE HAWKINS, HIRE LEACH!

    • docrockie says:

      I would love to see Mike Leach become a part of CU's football program this year. He knows how to recruit in the big 12 and it would make sense. Then after this year get rid of Cody and his dad and let Leach take over.

  5. Sandy says:

    Kudos to you! I hadn’t thoguht of that!

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