Just a thought on expansion …

Here’s something to consider when you’re debating what schools might be invited to join the Pac-10 should the conference decide to expand.

Any invitation to any school will require a unanimous vote of the Pac-10’s member institutions.

That’s one reason I don’t think Texas and/or Texas A&M are viable candidates. Not because they wouldn’t be a great addition to any league — but because I can’t see USC’s Lane Kiffin telling his president that he’d love to play Texas every year. I think the boy-not-so-wonderful would much, much rather see Utah and Colorado on his schedule.

Matter of fact, I’m not sure any coach in the Pac-10 would like to see Texas in the mix. Not only would it mean they’d be playing the Longhorns regularly (and the Aggies), it would also mean they’d be opening up their rich recruiting base to the Texas schools.

Something tells me that’s not something they’d be anxious to do. But that’s just a guess on my part …

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