Five-star problems in Florida ..

The Florida Gators are having some problems on the defensive line — particularly with their five-star recruits.

Over the weekend, freshman defensive tackle Gary Brown was arrested on two misdemeanor battery charges. An arrest report said Brown was not a good guest at a party. When two women who were hosting the party tried to kick people out, the 6-3, 280-pound tough guy is accused of striking the two women.

Always a classy move.

Brown, a prize in the Gators’ 2009 class who was rated by some services as the No. 2 DT in the nation, didn’t play a single snap last year. He was described in one report as possessing a “subpar work ethic” that disappointed coaches.

He’s not the first Gator DL to have some problems. Former five-star recruit Torrey Davis left the program after a number of academic issues as well as some problems with his driving record. And, another five-star guy, John Brown, left the program last year because of academic problems.

Call me crazy, but those aren’t really the type of guys you want representing your program … are they?

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